During its 60th anniversary year, Condor is donating 60 cents per booking to a school in Namibia

Fly and Help

Germany’s most popular leisure airline is using its 60th anniversary as an opportunity to do something good, and is donating 60 cents per online booking to the Reiner Meutsch charity, Fly & Help, during selected fundraising weeks. The proceeds will go towards the expansion of a school in Namibia.

This cooperation was possible within the scope of the “ConTribute” initiative, where Condor concentrates its social commitments. At the end of the anniversary year, the organisation Fly & Help will officially be presented with the cheque for the total revenues of the operation.

Supporting children in Condor’s various holiday destinations is very important to the company. In November 2014, the route network to Windhoek in Namibia was added. “Namibia is a great country which is definitely worth a visit. But we do not just want to bring tourists to this beautiful destination; we also want to help at a local level and show responsibility”, says Christine Schneider, CSR/Marketing Consultant at Condor Flugdienst GmbH. “Therefore, supporting the expansion of the school is a matter which is truly dear to our hearts. We have been working with our partner, Fly & Help, for a long time, and we are pleased to be able to help time and again”.

The school is located in Omuhonga, in the north of Namibia, next to the border with Angola. In the village resides one of the last remaining free and traditional Namibian tribes, the Ovahimba. They are proud that their children have the opportunity to go to school. The school building comprises two classrooms which are in need of renovation and temporary tents, in which 178 children are taught. “The classrooms are not sufficient for the high number of pupils and teaching suffers as a result. In addition, there are no places to sleep. This is important because most of the children have to walk an extremely long distance – up to 50 kilometres – and at the moment they stay overnight, sleeping on the hard ground”, says Reiner Meutsch at Fly & Help. “Therefore, in the next few months, seven new classrooms and a kitchen with a dining hall will be built. Afterwards, a hostel for 150 children that includes sanitary facilities, accommodation for teachers and a new water point for the school will also emerge. We are very thankful to Condor because without their support, this project would barely have been conceivable.”

As well as supporting its own projects, Condor’s ConTribute initiative also supports several charitable organizations like Fly & Help in Condor’s target areas.

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