Fly to Tenerife in the pilot seat of a Condor aircraft

Who would not like to watch the pilot of an airliner at work? Thanks to new 360 degree video technology and Condor this is now possible. Viewers can witness the take-off by daylight and touchdown at night in Frankfurt as if they would be at the controls of an Airbus A321 themselves. The video can be watched on Condor TV, the YouTube channel of Germany’s favorite leisure airline:

The video was produced in cooperation with Jonas Dress from argos-film gmbh on a Condor flight from Frankfurt to Tenerife in March. He explains: “We used a new technology which enables the viewer of the video to have a 360 degree view at the cockpit. Depending on how he rotates his smartphone, the section of what is seen in the video rotates – like in real life!”

Johannes Winter, Head of Corporate Communications at Condor, is also impressed by the video: “With this we can convey the fascination of flying even better. Normally, passengers can only enter the cockpit on the ground – if at all. All the more we are delighted about the trend of 360 degree videos: It is a great experience to gaze through the cockpit while the plane lands on an illuminated runway.”

The best way to watch the 360 degree video is offered by the YouTube App for mobile devices with Apple iOS and Android operating system – here the view can be determined by the movement of the device. On desktop PC’s, the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera are a able to display 360 degree videos. The angle can be changed with the cursor.

More information on the Condor 360 degree video -


4.11 Minutes

Media devices

Smartphone, Tablet, PC (with cursor navigation), Smart Glasses


Frankfurt/Main – Tenerife, Tenerife – Frankfurt/Main

DE1478/DE 1479 on 3 March 2016


D-AIAC, Airbus A321

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