FlyPink: Condor donates 11,000 Euros to German Cancer Aid and raises awareness in Breast Cancer Awareness Month October

Thomas Cook Group Airline in Great Britain, Scandinavia and Germany hands over around 71,000 Euros to three cancer organisations

Frankfurt, 12 November, 2018 - Pink for a good cause: In October, the international breast cancer awareness month, the employees of the Thomas Cook Group Airline flew pink in Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia to draw attention to the topic of breast cancer and to collect donations. A total of around 71,000 Euros in donations were collected and donated to three European cancer organisations. German Condor donates 11,000 Euros to German Cancer Aid.

"I am delighted that so many of our dedicated employees have actively participated in the FlyPink campaign in order to show solidarity with those affected and create awareness," said Christoph Debus, Chief Airline Officer of the Thomas Cook Group. "Our planes, flights and offices have never been so pink - with this strong commitment we as Thomas Cook Group Airline, which brought FlyPink to Europe, set an important example and support renowned institutions such as German Cancer Aid with our donations in the fight against the disease.”

"I would like to thank the Thomas Cook Group Airline team very much for this wonderful innovative idea and their exemplary commitment," said Gerd Nettekoven, CEO of German Cancer Aid. "German Cancer Aid does not have any public funds at its disposal, but instead realizes its numerous nationwide activities in all areas of the fight against cancer exclusively thanks to the willingness of the population to donate. Only in this way and with such donation initiatives can we help cancer patients and their families, improve the care of those affected and advance cancer research," Nettekoven continues. "The Thomas Cook Group Airline is making a strong contribution to the fight against cancer with this great campaign - and my special thanks go to all of its employees for their great commitment.”

FlyPink is a global aviation industry initiative to support organisations around the world that conduct breast cancer research and help save lives. On the initiative of Linton Foat, a pilot of Thomas Cook Airlines UK, the Thomas Cook Group Airline is the first airline group in Europe to participate in the campaign and show its support in the breast cancer awareness month October with campaigns that raise awareness.

In October, the crews of the Thomas Cook Group Airline wore pink accessories such as scarves, ties and pins, while pilots exchanged their golden epaulettes for pink stripes. Members of the ground staff also participated and showed their support through pink accessories such as ballpoint pens and lanyards. Under the hashtag #flypink, crews and ground staff have uploaded images of themselves and their activities around the campaign onto their social media profiles.

While Condor donates the proceeds from the sale of the pink accessories to German Cancer Aid, the money collected in Great Britain is given to the organization "MacMillan Cancer Support". The profits in Denmark go to the cancer research organisation "Kræftens Bekæmpelse".

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