New cabins: the conversion begins for Condor's Boeing 757 fleet

Condor has started upgrading its 13 Boeing 757-300 aircraft with new seats. The modernization is part of the leisure carrier's extensive program of investment in its passengers' comfort. The conversion has already been completed in two aircraft, allowing Condor passengers to take off on their Christmas vacation in a renovated cabin. In spring 2015, all aircraft will be fitted out with new cabins.

The aircraft of the Boeing 757 fleet are being given 275 new seats made by ACRO. The noticeably thinner backrest increases the so-called living space, thus the passengers’ spatial perception. In the newly designed cabin, the digital control element for the in-flight entertainment system is located in the backrest of the seat in front. The seat covers and carpets carry the new design of the Thomas Cook Group. The washrooms have also been fully revamped and modernised.

Condor had already equipped its Airbus A320 fleet with new cabins in March. The 12 Airbus A320s have had the new ACRO seats since April. The trend in customer feedback from surveys on-board the A320 aircraft that have already been converted is positive with regard to cabin design and seat comfort. The entire Condor long-haul fleet was also equipped with new, modern cabins by summer 2014. In-seat entertainment is available to passengers in all classes, giving them the opportunity to select their own personal entertainment program. The new Condor Business Class also has fully-automatic, comfortable reclining seats and is setting the standards in the leisure carrier business.

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