New year, New design, New campaign: Thomas Cook Group Airlines starts a unified marketing campaign and corporate identity

Starting with the new year, Thomas Cook Group Airlines is launching a new Corporate Identity. For the first time in the history of the four airlines, one design will unite all. The new corporate design has a more bold look than the previous one. For example, the grey in the airline logo was chosen in a warmer grey tone. When the logo is integrated, this is accompanied by an orange line. The background that is used with sales campaigns on ad posters or advertorials, remains the same, however in a warmer yellow tone.

In addition to the logo, the types of messages in the images has also changed. The leisure airlines are moving from representating some of their approximately 100 vacation destinations instead to focus on aviation images that make the flying experience come alive more. In addition, the tone of the pictures appears in a new light. The pictures appear in a sun-exposed environment, which is produced by warm yellow and orange tones at the picture edges.

Condor and Thomas Cook Airlines UK are launching this style first, with the Belgium and Scandinavian markets to follow later this year.

"As an airline, we would like to bring our customers closer to the fascination of flying and the experience of our excellent products, and above all, our passion for flying," said Rainer Kröpke, Director Customer Experience, Thomas Cook Group Airlines. "For this reason, we have chosen the slogan 'When flying, then special' for the new campaign in the German market. Our guests expect the special something with every flight and they get it. The holiday starts with us from the point you get on board. "

New marketing campaign with new corporate design

In the marketing campaign of Thomas Cook Group Airlines, the new corporate identity will be implemented across all four markets for the first time. In the campaign, Condor is focusing on flights to the Caribbean, USA and the Balearic Islands. The new Caribbean destination Martinique was added only in 2016. In summer 2017 three new US destinations will follow: New Orleans, Pittsburgh and San Diego. In the winter of 2017/18 the Bahamas join the Caribbean destinations. With the slogan 'When flying, then special' there are "special offers" during the campaign period to the mentioned destinations.

Thomas Cook Airlines UK concentrates on the US market, with the new route to San Francisco from Manchester and the short and medium range destinations of the Canaries, Balearic Islands, Greece and Turkey. With the slogan "Good Bye Grey Britain" customers can get discounts of £ 50 on all summer 2017 long-haul flights and £ 20 off selected short and medium-haul destinations.

In addition to the own channels of Condor and Thomas Cook Airline UK, the campaigns will be supported by promotions, online and outdoor advertisements, social media and a radio promotion. The marketing campaign will start in Germany on 9 January and will be spread by mid-March. In the UK the campaign has already been on display since 23 December. The Belgium market will follow shortly.

For the first time the Thomas Cook Group Airlines have the same creative look for its marketing campaigns across all markets, focusing on seat-only sales but boosting awareness of a quality end-to-end brand experience of all Thomas Cook customers. The campaign is customer focused and emphasises the comfort and pleasure of flying on a good quality affordable airline that matches the Thomas Cook holiday experience the customers have come to know and love.

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