Thomas Cook Airlines launches Sleeper Seat

Struggle to sleep on long-haul flights? Enter the new ‘Sleeper Seat’ from Thomas Cook Airlines.

On sale from today on Thomas Cook Airlines’ long-haul routes such as New York and San Francisco*, Sleeper Seat transforms a row of three seats into a bed in the sky so that you can arrive on holiday (or return home!) feeling refreshed and ready to go.

How does it work?

Picture the scene; you’re on board a long-haul flight when the doors close for take-off and the seats next to you are completely empty….a whole row to yourself! Book Sleeper Seat, and that row is all yours.

Sleeper Seat is a comfy mattress that sits across a row of three seats tucked away at the back of the aircraft, cleverly crafted into your own space to stretch out and relax. You can use your Sleeper Seat how you wish – to sleep, read, watch a film, listen to a podcast or simply sit back, rest and stretch out.

Henry Sunley, Commercial Director at Thomas Cook Airlines says, “We always look for ways to innovate for our customers and Sleeper Seat is a UK first that we are really proud of. It is a fantastic way to transform your flying experience and enjoy some extra comfort when flying in Economy.”

Book Sleeper Seat and you will take-off as normal before our cabin crew transforms your row of seats and assembles the Sleeper Seat mattress with a fitted sheet, head rest, pillow, blanket and amenity kit. Sleeper Seat customers can enjoy James Martin meals** and in-flight entertainment, just as you would with a regular Economy seat.

Henry Sunley adds, “It’s flexible too, as while only one person can use Sleeper Seat at a time, you can swap with other people in your group during the flight…but it’s entirely up to you if you want to share!”

Sleeper seat is available for adults and children 12 years and over. Book online now at for selected long-haul flights from 13 May 2019. Prices start from £200 one-way. For more information, visit the website.


*Not available on flights to and from Cuba

**Meals will only be served when customer is sat upright on one seat, not lying down

About Thomas Cook Group Airline

Thomas Cook Group Airline, part of the Thomas Cook Group, is one of Europe’s leading leisure airlines, operating from the source markets Germany, UK and the Nordic countries. With a fleet of 103 aircraft, the airline carries over 19m customers per year to 120 destinations, generating revenues of £ 3.5bn. Its 9,500 employees put the customer at the heart of everything they do. The airline has received almost 80 awards in the past six years, showing the passion and customer focus of its colleagues around the world. Under the brand Condor Flugdienst GmbH, the company has been flying its guests to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world since 1956.

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