Thomas Cook Group Airlines completes short/medium-haul fleet replenishment

Thomas Cook Group Airlines’ short and medium-haul replenishment and expansion has been completed today, marking an important milestone in the transformation of the group of airlines.

Since January, four new A321s have rolled out of Airbus’s Hamburg hangar and made their way to the UK for final touches before entering service. At the same time, the last of the 752-200s, which has been based at Cardiff Wales Airport, left the fleet.

The 25 new A321s that have been deliveredin the last two years are distributed across the Thomas Cook Group Airlines markets as follows:

Condor: Leipzig – 1; Hannover – 1; Stuttgart – 1; Berlin Schoenefeld – 3

Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia: Gothenburg – 1; Copenhagen – 2; Malmo – 1; Billund –1; Helsinki/Stockholm – 1 (half week in each);

Thomas Cook Airlines UK: S16 plan is London Gatwick – 1; Manchester – 2; Birmingham – 2; Newcastle – 2; Glasgow – 3; Belfast – 1; Bristol – 2;

Thomas Cook’s chief airlines and hotels officer, Christoph Debus, said: “This is such an exciting day for the airline. Few things articulate growth and customer focus more than the delivery of new aircraft to a fleet and they complement a £100M investment in our cabins across the fleet.

“We’re growing across our markets in an integrated way that allows us to operate as one virtual airline. We take the best of each market and combine it to create one aligned, strong product and service that customers know will mean affordable quality.”

The four new A321s for the UK – G-TCDL, G-TCDM, G-TCDN, G-TCDO – step in to the space left by the recent departures of the much-loved 757-200s - BB, BA and LI.

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