Thomas Cook Group Airlines fights breast cancer - Great success of FlyPink 2017

After the success of 2016, Thomas Cook Group Airlines, including Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia participated in FlyPink 2017; the second time the Group has supported breast cancer care through the initiative.

During October, all Group Airlines pilots were able to change their usual golden-shoulder epaulettes for epaulettes with pink stripes to symbolize their support for breast cancer care. Wearing pink epaulettes was associated with a donation and taking part in FlyPink. The global airline industry initiative calls for donations to charity organizations around the world to help promote breast cancer awareness and research to save lives.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines is the first airline in Europe to support FlyPink.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines selected local cancer charity organisations to support; for Condor Airlines, the "Deutsche Krebshilfe", Thomas Cook Airlines UK supported "The Christie" and Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia selected "Kræftens Bekæmpelse". A total of 8,700 Euro was raised across the Group and donated.

“We've had so much great feedback. For example our customers loved the FlyPink ‘gingerbread men' baked by a SFO’s girlfriend and served in flight in the UK. Social media profiles exploded with pink pictures and we have received numerous messages and letters of support which has been fantastic to see," says Linton Foat, 'founder' of FlyPink in Group Airlines.

This year, in addition to the epaulettes, the airline received several charity items including pin badges, pink pens, wristbands and lanyards. These were distributed across the airlines so that not only crew, but engineers and other administrative staff could show their support for FlyPink.

After such a success, Thomas Cook Group Airlines will look forward to participating in FlyPink again in 2018.

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