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Breast Cancer Campaign: Condor flies pink for the third year

In October, International Breast Cancer Awareness month, Condor staff are participating in the FlyPink campaign for the third consecutive year. FlyPink is a global initiative in the aviation industry that supports organisations worldwide that are committed to the research, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Employees of participating airlines wear pink accessories on board during the campaign. The aim is to raise awareness of the disease, show solidarity with the women affected and collect donations.

In October, Condor pilots and cabin crew can wear epaulettes with pink stripes instead of their usual golden-striped epaulettes and pink accessories such as scarves, ties or pins. The purchase and wearing of FlyPink accessories is voluntary. The profits from the sale of the accessories are donated to the German Cancer Aid. Ground staff can also participate in the campaign: "I think it's great that so many of our colleagues participate in FlyPink. The idea to participate came from the staff of the Group Airline and is now being implemented for the third time", says Condor Managing Director Christian Schmitt.

In essence, the aim is to attract attention: "When our passengers see the crews on board in October, they may notice the unusual accessories of the crew. This is exactly the goal: to show colours in order to draw attention to the topic of breast cancer and to motivate women to take preventive measures,” Schmitt continues. In addition to Condor, the other airlines from Thomas Cook Group Airline - Thomas Cook Airlines UK, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics will also take part in FlyPink. The FlyPink initiative was launched in 2015 by Australian pilot Susan McHaffie.

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