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Drive-through Check-In for Condor Passengers in Frankfurt

Frankfurt airport and Condor Airlines are introducing an innovative idea to enhance the travel experience for passengers departing in Frankfurt. Passengers who want to avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the airport, schlepping baggage on trains or simply want to breeze though the airport can now take advantage of Condor’s Drive-Through check in the night before their flight takes off. Passengers can reach the Condor Drive-Through check in facility, located off Autobahn A5 near “Cargo City South” conveniently by car. Parking is free and the baggage drop off is just a few feet from the car.

Condor’s Drive-Through opens on October 26th for the first time and is available from 4pm – 8pm for flights leaving the following day. This new service is available for 10 Euros per passenger or 25 Euros per group (up to five passengers). Passengers in Condor’s Premium as well as Business Class receive a 50% discount on the Drive Through check-in service.

This offer is especially interesting for families with children and elderly passengers. The Drive-Through check-in the night before reduces stress on the day of departure and allows a more relaxed start into vacation.

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