Condor Introduces Own Blog

Condor Blog

Condor is putting people interested in travel and flights in the holiday mood with its own Condor Blog. Readers can choose from the headings “Destinations”, “Tips & Tricks” and “Behind the Scenes” to enjoy a colourful mix of information about holidays and flights, and insights into the processes of Germany’s most popular leisure airline. Furthermore, photos of Condor’s dream destinations around the world create a holiday atmosphere and awaken wanderlust.

“I am delighted to be able to introduce a blog which reflects our passion for exceptional travel destinations and for flying,” said Ralf Teckentrup, Chairman of the Board at Condor. “Well-travelled authors who have experience of airlines and a wealth of other knowledge and experience are reporting on relaxing travel destinations and give one or two travel tips.”

The most attractive Condor destinations worldwide are introduced under “travel destinations.” Whether hiking on Tenerife, diving in the Maldives or a family holiday in Punta Cana, our authors share their experiences and provide helpful insider information. From adventures of the mother of the family to best female ager, different characters with varied interests are represented, serving different travel preferences. Guest authors will also feature in the Condor Blog.

In the “Tips & Tricks” sections, questions posed by many holidaymakers about faraway countries are answered. What can I do to stop my suitcase getting lost on the way to the holiday destination? How much money is appropriate to for a tip in Turkey or in Thailand? The Condor Blog provides the right advice.

There is also an option to look behind the scenes at the airline. What do the pilots actually think of applause on board, what do was air stewards learn during their training and what responsibilities does a so-called Route Manager have at Condor? Attractions await you “Behind the scenes” at Condor that largely remain hidden from anuninformed air passenger.

The Condor Blog can be found using the following link:

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