Jettainer starts ULD management for Thomas Cook Group Airlines

containers with a special floral design

The leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management has started steering and maintaining all the containers and pallets for Thomas Cook Group Airlines. The new contract not only covers Condor, a Jettainer customer since 2006, but also Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia. As a result, all the carriers’ ULDs will now be looked after by the same service partner.

Jettainer is now responsible for steering, positioning, repairing and maintaining more than 1,800 ULDs (pallets and containers) overall for Thomas Cook Group Airlines. The ULD specialist uses particularly modern and environmentally-friendly containers as part of this process. Both the standard units (AKE model) and also the larger containers (DQF model) have been switched to extremely light versions weighing just 58 and 99 kilogrammes. This way Jettainer improves the climate footprint of the carriers.

“As a result of extending this contract to cover further carriers, the airlines in our group are taking another step in growing together,” says Christian Schmitt, Director of Aircraft & Ground Operations at Thomas Cook Group Airlines. “The encouraging factor here is that we’re not only pooling our activities, but this agreement is also helping us in our efforts to achieve eco-friendly operations,” Schmitt adds.

“We’re proud that our many years of cooperation with Condor have been able to persuade further carriers about the quality and efficiency of our services. By expanding our activities to the Thomas Cook Group airlines, we’ve been able to enhance our market share and continue our global growth course,” says Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer.

Two of the lightweight containers in use will receive a special film wrap with a special floral design to mark the agreement’s launch with Jettainer. “This design underlines the idea of sustainability behind using the new containers,” says Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR and the Environmental Officer at Jettainer. Both the containers will initially be used by Condor and Thomas Cook Airlines UK.

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