Summer flight schedule 2020: Condor long-haul flights from Frankfurt bookable

Condor Summer 20

Frankfurt, April 25, 2019 - Germany's most popular leisure airline is already opening several long-haul flights of the Summer flight plan 2020 from Frankfurt for booking: Condor flights to a total of 30 holiday destinations in the USA, Canada, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean can be booked as of today. Who would like to book already now the vacation for the summer in the next year, finds bargains starting from 299.99 Euro at The Summer flight schedule 2020 is valid from 1 May to 31 October 2020. Further destinations as well as the short- and medium-haul programme will be activated in the coming weeks.

Overview Condor long-haul flights from FRA:

Anchorage (USA): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Baltimore/Washington (USA): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Calgary (Kanda): Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Cancun (Mexiko): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Fairbanks (USA): Thursday

Halifax (Kanada): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Havanna (Kuba): Monday, Thursday, Saturday,

Holguin (Kuba): Wednesday, Sunday

Kapstadt (Südafrika): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Kilimanjaro (Tansania): Wednesday

Las Vegas (USA): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Seychellen (Indischer Ozean): Tuesday, Friday

Mauritius (Indischer Ozean): Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Minneapolis (USA): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Mombasa (Kenia): Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Montego Bay (Jamaika): Wedndesday, Saturday

Phoenix (USA): Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Pittsburgh (USA): Monday, Friday

Portland (USA): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Punta Cana (Dom. Republik): Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

San José (Costa Rica): Wednesday, Sunday

San Juan (USA/Karibik): Saturday

Sansibar (Tansania): Monday, Friday

Santo Domingo (Dom. Republik): Wednesday, Sunday

Seattle (USA): daily

Toronto (Kanada): Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Varadero (Kuba): Friday

Vancouver (Kanada): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Windhuk (Namibia): Monday, Thursday and daily via Codeshare with Air Namibia

Whitehorse (Kanada): Sunday

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