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Condor is “Brand of the Year 2015”

Condor is enjoying great popularity among German people and can refer to itself as “Brand of the Year 2015”. This is the finding of a ranking carried out by the market research institute YouGov on behalf of the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, based on 700,000 online surveys. In the “Mobility” category, Condor achieved very good survey results. The annual “Brand of the Year 2015” distinction awards prizes to the strongest brands from various industries from a consumer viewpoint.

“We are delighted to be recognised, as this highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 1956 we have been flying our guests to their holiday destinations and are continually bringing in something new to surprise our guests with little details and offer them the best travel experience possible”, said Rainer Kröpke, Customer Experience Director for Thomas Cook Group Airlines. “The most recent example is the opening of our Drive-In Service at Frankfurt Airport next week, which will give air passengers the convenience of driving up to a specially designed check-in desk the night before they fly and handing over their luggage then. This means that the holiday can begin in a very relaxed way the next day.”

The Handlesblatt study further confirmed the biggest survey on brand strength from a consumer viewpoint, “Customer Favourite 2015”. In this survey, the agency Faktenkontor questioned more than one million customers from social networks on 500 brands from more than 40 industries on behalf of Focus Money magazine. Condor is the only airline to receive a gold award and can refer to itself as “Customer Favourite 2015”.

And in the customer satisfaction survey carried by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) on behalf of n-tv, Condor also came out ahead: Condor is “The most popular airline among Germans”. In the last survey, carried out in 2012, customers had already voted Condor as the airline with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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