Condor and Bentour transport relief supplies to Turkey

February 14, 2023 - The airline Condor and the tour operator Bentour have jointly organized a special flight with relief supplies for the earthquake region in Turkey and Syria. In cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Berlin and with the Turkish Consulate General in Frankfurt, flight DE8120 took off at 8:00 this morning. On board the Boeing 767 were, among other things, generators, winter jackets and sleeping bags.

"The scale of the disaster is so indescribably huge that every possible help is needed here," said Deniz Ugur CEO Bentour Reisen.

Christian Schmitt, COO of Condor: "After the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Condor has examined all possibilities to support at short notice. Numerous employees have been working flat out to set up this special flight and a great many have volunteered to offer their help. We remain in constant contact with relief organizations on the ground to explore the possibility of additional flights." 

The flight lands at Adana Airport, in the western part of the major city of the same name. It is currently being used to transport incoming aid supplies from there to the crisis regions.

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