Individual Travel Kits for Condor's Premium Economy Class and Business Class

Sleep more comfortably or freshen up: Condor guests in Premium Economy Class and Business Class can now put together their own individual travel kit on long-haul flights with the Refresh Kit and Sleep Kit. In addition, guests in both booking classes will receive a welcome gift waiting for them in their seat on all flights. With this innovation, Germany's most popular leisure airline is also switching to a more needs-based and sustainable version of its Travel Kit.

The Sleep Kit consists of socks made from 100 percent recycled PET, earplugs in a paper package, and a viscose sleep mask based on bamboo fibers. The Refresh Kit includes toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles, lip balm and a hygiene wipe. After the launch, guests are offered a choice of both kits.

"Our guests can decide if the Sleep or Refresh Kit, or a combination of both, meets their personal needs. While one guest may be more likely to choose socks and a sleep mask, another guest may prefer a toothbrush and a hygiene towel," said Yvonne Noack, product manager commercial at Condor. "Choosing according to need reduces the number of unneeded items that would have to be discarded unused. We also recommend that our guests use the contents of the travel kits multiple times."

In Premium Economy Class and Business Class, guests also receive a welcome gift on all flights: a Travel Organizer, which is available in various designs for smart packing for shoes, clothing or cables.

Travel with Condor can be booked with all German tour operators and at travel agencies, and flight tickets are available as usual at and by phone.

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